Vertical File Index

The Vertical File collection consists of various information collected on specific historic topics.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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Saint Charles Hotel, in Pierre

Saint Frances

Saint Joseph's Indian School (Chamberlain)

Saint Joseph's Lakota Development Council

Saint Lawrence & Saint Lawrence Graves

Saint Mary's School for Indian Girls (Springfield)

Saint Onge, SD

Salem, SD


Sana, SD

Sanborn County

Sanborn County Historical Society

Sansarc, SD

Santee Agency

Santee Normal Training School

Santee Sioux

"Save the School Fund" 1940

Savings Bonds U.S., 1971

Sawyer Expedition, 1865-66

Scenic, SD

School & Public Lands

School Administration

School Boards of South Dakota, Associated

School Census

School Districts - Names & Addresses

School Fund

School House, First

School Lands - Mineral Rights

School Laws

School for the Blind (at Gary)

School for the Deaf (at Sioux Falls)

School of Mines

Schools, Rural - SD

Schopen Stone

Scobey County

Scotia Mining Company

Scotland Historical Society

Scotland, SD

Scott, Dan (Early Day Reminiscences)

Scrip (Land Swindle)

Sears Roebuck

Secretaries, State Government Cabinet 1973-1978

Seed/Nursery Catalogs I-II

Seim, SD

Selby, SD


Seneca, SD

Senior Citizens

Shadehill Reservoir

Shakespeare Club of Aberdeen, SD - History 1901-1977

Shannon County


Sheridan Lake

Sheridan, SD


Sherman, SD

Sherrard Monument

Shrine to Music Museum

Shriners in South Dakota

Sidney Black Hills Trail (Sidney-Deadwood Trail)

Sica (Sieche) Hollow State Park

Silver City, SD

Silver Summit Ranch

Sinai, SD

Sinai History Group

Sinte Gleska College

Sioux City, IA

Sioux Falls I-II-III

Sioux Falls Campaign of 1872

Sioux Falls College

Sioux Horse effigy

Sioux Indians I-II

Sioux Valley Genealogy Society

Sisseton, SD

Sisseton - Wahpeton Sioux

Skeletal Remains & Dispositions

Sky Ranch

Slides - Colored

Slim Buttes

Slim Buttes Historical Society

Small towns, Life in


Smithville, SD

Smithwick, SD

Snake Butte

Snoma, SD

Social Security

Social Services

Sod Houses

Soil Conservation

Soil & Moisture Clinic, 1967

South Dakota I-II

South Dakota - Advocacy Network for Women

South Dakota - Archaeological Society

South Dakota - Arts Council

South Dakota – Coin & Stamp Association

South Dakota - County & State Directory

South Dakota - Economic Opportunity Office

South Dakota - Emergency Relief Admn.

South Dakota - Experiment Farm

South Dakota - Genealogical Society

South Dakota - Golden Jubilee, 1939

South Dakota - Hall of Fame

South Dakota - High School Activities Assoc.

South Dakota - History - Early

South Dakota - Lake Region Association N.E.

South Dakota - Library Association

South Dakota - Mining Company

South Dakota - Municipal League

South Dakota - Newspaper Association

South Dakota - Promotional Materials & Brochures

South Dakota - Public Broadcasting

South Dakota - Public Documents

South Dakota - Reclamation Association N.E.

South Dakota - Relief Bulletin

South Dakota - Retailers Association

South Dakota - Review

South Dakota - Rock of Stone

South Dakota - School of Mines

South Dakota - School Peace League

South Dakota – Seals

South Dakota - South Dakotans of Note

South Dakota - State Historical Society (SHS)

South Dakota - SHS - Agriculture Heritage Museum

South Dakota - SHS - Archaeological Research Center

South Dakota - SHS - Folk Arts

South Dakota - SHS - Historical Preservation Center

South Dakota - SHS - Smith Zimmerman Museum

South Dakota - SHS - South Dakota History

South Dakota - SHS - Story of

South Dakota - SHS - W.H. Over Museum

South Dakota - State Library

South Dakota - State Medical Association

South Dakota - State Officials Elected 1889-1968

South Dakota - State University at Brookings, SD

South Dakota - State Veterans Home

South Dakota - States Attorney

South Dakota - Supreme Court

South Dakota – Symbols

South Dakota Art Museum

South Dakota Symphony

South Dakota - Well Drillers Association

South Dakotans of Note

South Dakotans who Attended Rural Schools

South Shore, SD

Southern State Normal School (Springfield)

Sovereignty over South Dakota

Spain, SD

Spaulding (Hamlin County)

Spearfish, SD

Spearfish Academy

Spearfish Historical Society

Spencer, SD

Spink County

Spirit Lake & Spirit Lake Massacre

Split Rock, SD

Spokane, SD (Ghost Town)

"Spook Money"


Springfield, SD

Springfield Museum

Squaw Hill Massacre

Stage Coach

Stage Line - Yankton to Sioux Falls

Stage Lines

Stage Roads

Stamford, SD

Standing Rock Agency & Reservation

Stanley, SD

Stanley Corner, SD

Stanley County

State Animal - Coyote

State Bird (Ring Neck Pheasant)

State Fair

State Floral Emblem (Pasque Flower)

State Parks

State Senate

State Training School - Plankinton

State Song

State Tree



Steam Engines

Steamboat Data

Steamboat Logs

Steamboat Wrecks


Stephan Mission

Stickney, SD

Stockholm SD

Stockman's Association

Stokes Ditch

Stoneville Fight

Storla, SD

Strandburg, SD

Stratosphere Flight

Street Cars in Pierre

Street Cars in South Dakota


Strip of Land, Historic


Strool, SD

Strouseton, SD

Sturgis, SD

Sully Buttes

Sully County

Sulphur, SD

Sun Dance

Sunday Clothes

Sunday Gulch

Sunday School Convention, 1924

Sunder Larpenteur

Surbeck Center (South Dakota School of Mines & Tech)

Survey Originals

Sutton Ranch

Swan Lake, SD


Sylvan Lake

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