Vertical File Index

The Vertical File collection consists of various information collected on specific historic topics.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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WPA & Federal Writers Project

Wagner, SD

Wagner Historical Society

Wakonda, SD

Wakonda Historical Society

Wakpala, SD

Walker, SD

Wall, SD

Wall Drug

Wall Historical Society

Walworth County

War of the Outbreak

Ward, SD

Warner, Rev. Alex

Warner, SD

Washabaugh County

Washington Monument (Stone)

Wasp #2 Mining Company

Wasta, SD

Water Organizations

Water Resources

Water Witching

Waterbury, SD

Watertown, SD I-II

Watauga, SD

Waubay, SD & Waubay National Wildlife Refuge

Waverly, SD


Weather Modification

Webster, SD

Wecota, SD

Weddings & Anniversaries

Wellington Church Marker

Wells Fargo

Welsh Settlers

Wendte, SD

Wentworth, SD

Wessington, SD

Wessington Springs, SD & Wessington Springs Academy/College

West Point Graduates from South Dakota 1890-1932

West River Early Settlers Association

West River History Conference

West River Stock Growers Association

Western Governor's Regional Energy Policy Office

Western History Association

Western Town Company

Westerners International

Westover, SD

Weta, SD (Ghost Town)

Wewela, SD


Wheelchair Vacation Guide

Wheeler, SD

Whetstone Agency

White Area Historical Society

White, SD

White Lake, SD

White Owl, SD

White River, SD

White Rock, SD

Whiteman, Murder of

Whitestone Hill Battlefield

Whitewood Creek

Whitewood, SD

Who's Who


Wilderness Bill & Wilderness Society


Willow Lake, SD

Willow Springs Stage Station

Wilmot, SD

Wilson, SD

Wind Cave National Park


Winfred, SD

Winner, SD

Winter Count

Winter Count - "The Running Bull-Iron Hawk Winter Count"

Winter Count - "The Wind-Roan Bear Winter Count"

Witten, SD

WNAX Radio Station

Wolcott Gold Mining, Milling & Development Company

Wolf Mt. Gold Stampede

Wolsey, SD


Woman's Relief Corp.

Women in South Dakota

Women, Commission on the Status of

Women's Christian Temperance Union

Women's Clubs

Wood, SD

Wooden Cannon

Wooden Indian

Woonsocket, SD

World War I-II

World War I Pilots

World War II

World War II Combat Dead

World's Columbian Expedition

Worthing, SD

Wounded Knee 1973 I-II-III-IV

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