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Manuscript Collection

American Indian Resources: Manuscript Holdings (.pdf)

"Manuscript" collections in the State Archives refer to all unpublished materials received from non-government sources. These materials include letters, diaries, and scrapbooks of individual’s, family papers, and minutes, reports, and correspondence files of businesses and organizations. Photographs, sound and video recordings, and other media are found in many collections.

The above list includes papers, selected photographs, and other unpublished documents relating to American Indian history donated to the State Archives by private individuals and organizations through December 1999. The collection descriptions provided here were compiled from State Archives working files. Just as the information in the files themselves varies, so do the content notes for each collection. Some collections are well organized, properly described, and have excellent container lists. Others are partially organized, and some remain unprocessed. The size of the collections varies from one item to several cubic feet. The number beginning each entry is the collection’s archives accession number.

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