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Resources for Government Agencies

Digital Records
Information about how we preserve digital files, as well as guidance and best practice documents to help you create, manage, and retain your digital files.
Online Records Training
Tutorials and training videos to help you manage your records more effectively.

State and local government records are administered by the State Records Management System and the Records Destruction Board. Each agency has developed a records retention and destruction schedule. State Archives staff review all records before they are approved for destruction. More than 12,000 cubic feet of records are reviewed each year and approximately 1% are selected for permanent retention in the archives collections.

Click here to find your agency's retention schedule.

The State Archives has authority to claim records if they are designated for destruction or if they are offered by the creating agency (SDCL 1-18C-7 and ARSD 24:52:11).

Government officials with questions regarding the retention for government records should consult the retention schedule for their agency. The State Archivist or State Records Manager can also answer questions.


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