1911 Laws

1911 Legislative Session
1911 South Dakota Legislature in the House Chambers, 1911

1911 Laws (Table of Conents)

Press Release

The 86th session of the Legislature of the State of South Dakota completes its work at the State Capitol in Pierre on March 28. This year’s session nearing an end prompted researchers with the South Dakota State Historical Society to re-examine the 12th session, from 1911.

The 12th session of the Legislature was held at the State Capitol from Jan. 3-March 3 of 1911. In total, there were 264 acts passed and one joint resolution, according to the State Historical Society-Archives at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre.

Office holders for the state in 1911 included: Gov. Robert S. Vessey (Pierre), Lt. Gov. Frank M. Byrne (Faulkton), Secretary of State S.C. Polley (Deadwood), State Treasurer George G. Johnson (Canton) and Attorney Gen. Royal C. Johnson (Highmore).

There were 42 Senate districts, comprising 45 Senators, and 53 House districts, comprising 104 Representatives. President Pro Tempore of the Senate was A. J. Lockhart (Clear Lake) and Speaker of the House was C. J. Morris (Sioux Falls).

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