General Federation of Women's Clubs Pioneer Daughters Collection

Butte County

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Maiden Name
Married Name
(?), Ada A. Ernest, Mrs. Fred
(?), Catharine Stevens, Mrs. (?)
(?), Louise Marie Hartwell, Mrs. James G.
(?), Nancy Woods, Mrs. (?)
Ashton, Nellie Jenks, Mrs. Delbert
Bird, Susie  
Campion, Agnes Ann Long, Mrs. William F.
Campion, Triphena Marie Littlefield, Mrs. Samuel S.
Cassels, Martha Georgena Lancaster, Mrs. Will
Castleman, Eleanor Small, Mrs. Charles S.
Collins, Margaret Elmira Lytton, Mrs. George
Ducharme, Eva Mary Maass, Mrs. George
Ducharme, Rose Ernest, Mrs. Wiliam H.
Gardner, Anna G. Flaigg, Mrs. A. M.
Gates, Ella Magers, Mrs. Robert
Grams, Ann Sessions, Mrs. Jay
Grant, Ella Vallery, Mrs. P. P.
Holsten, Anna Berg, Mrs. Ole G.
Lytton, Lucy Mary Peterson, Mrs. Datus D.
Newland, Sara Brown, Mrs. (?)
Owens, Margaret Halbert, Mrs. James
Rhoades, Laura McCutchen, Mrs. Dan
Sellers, Jennie Davis, Mrs. Earl H.
Slaughter, Marie Anderson, Mrs. (?)
Sorensen, Cecelia Marie Thompson, Mrs. Charley
Spaulding, Lucinda Davis, Mrs. Thomas
Stevens, Rebecca Anne Mitchell, Mrs. William
Teed, Ella Amanda Richards, Mrs. Wyman C.
Wolter, Minnie Arendsee, Mrs. Theodore

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