Verendrye Plate Discovery

February 16, 1913
George O'Reilly and Verendrye Plate
George O'Reilly (center) holding the newly discovered Verendrye Plate, 1913

February 16, 2013 is the one hundred year anniversary of the discovery of the Verendrye Plate near Fort Pierre (S.D.). Two brothers, Francois and Louis Joseph Verendrye, in trying to discover a route to "the Western Sea" planted the lead marker to claim land for France.

Various publications and manuscripts on the history of the Verendrye Exploration and the Verendrye Plate discovery are featured on the South Dakota Digital Archives.

Verendrye collections via South Dakota Digital Archives.

Photograph of Verendrye Monument overlooking Fort Pierre (S.D.), 1943.

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