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Vertical File Index

The Vertical File collection consists of various information collected on specific historic topics. The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives.

AAUW - Pierre Chapter's "Women in SD History" Pageant, 1974

Aberdeen I - II - III


Academy, SD

Ada, SD

Adams Museum and House, Deadwood, SD



Agar, SD

Agriculture I - II - III

Agriculture Heritage Museum - Brookings

Ahnberg, SD


Aircraft I - II

Air Disasters

Air & Space Museum - Ellsworth Air Force Base

Akaska, SD

Aladdin, SD

Albee, SD

Alcester, SD

Alpena, SD

Alexandria, SD

Alkali, SD

Allen, SD

Allentown, SD

Allenton, SD (see Coleman, SD)

Alpha, SD

Altamont, SD

Altitudes of SD Towns

Ambulances (Early)

America's Holiday Tree

American Automobile Association, Tours in South Dakota

American Indian Culture Research Center - Blue Cloud Abbey

American Indian Movement

American Indian Religion Freedom Act, 1978

American Island

American Landmarks Association

American Legion

American Native Press

Andover, SD

Anglo-American Cattle Company

Angostura Reservoir

Anpaokin (Day Break)

Antarctic, South Dakotans in


Appomattox, SD

Apportionment, Congressional

Arbor Day

Archaeological Commission

Archaeological Regulations

Archaeology I, II, III

Archaeology - Society for Industrial Archeology Newsletter

Archaeology - South Dakota (Educational Series)

Architecture in South Dakota

Ardmore, SD

Argonne, SD

Arikara Villages

Arlington, SD

Armistice Day Programs 1964, 1966-67

Armour, SD

Armstrong County

Army Air Forces Technical School, Sioux Falls

Arpan, SD

Art - Indian

Art and Paintings I - II - III

Art Center - SD Memorial (Brookings) I - II - III - IV

Artas, SD

Artesian, SD

Artesian Wells

Arts Awards - Governor's 1974

Arzberger Site

Ash Creek, SD

Ashcroft, SD

Ashton, SD

Associated General Contractors of South Dakota

Association of Retarded Citizens, South Dakota

Association of South Dakota Museums

Astoria, SD

Atkinson - O'Fallon Expedition 1825

Attorneys - U.S.

Augustana College (Sioux Falls, SD)

Aurora, SD

Aurora County

Aurora County Historical Society

Autographs (Facsimile)

Automobile "Firsts"



Aviation Hall of Fame

Avon, SD



Bad River & Bad River Revue

Badger Hole (Badger Clark Museum)

Badlands I - II

Badlands Vanishing Trail Expedition 1960

Bald Mountain Mine

Balloon, Explorer I - II

Balloon Bombs, Japanese

Balloon Museum, Soukup and Thomas (Tyndall)

Baltic, SD

Baltzer, United States vs. (Anti-Draft WWI)

Bancroft, SD

Band and Orchestra Directors Assn. SD

Bangor, SD

Bankers Assn. SD

Banking (Unidentified notes, source not quoted)

Bar Assn. SD I, II (see also: Women-S.D.)

Barbara, SD

Barbed Wire

Bard, SD

Barnard, SD


Barry, David (Photographer-Exhibit/Collection at Denver Public Lib.)

Barry, William (Trial for Murder of Capt. W.D. Speer)

Baseball Assn./Amateur and Baseball Hall of Fame

Basketmakers - Indian

Basketball I - II

Bath, SD

Battle of the Little Bighorn

Battle Mountain

Beadle County

Bear Butte

Bear City/Town

Beaver Creek Nature Trail

Beef and Beef Production (see also Meat Packing)


Belle Fourche, SD

Belle Fourche Irrigation Project I - II

Belle Fourche River

Belleswayne, SD


Belvildere, SD

Bemis, SD

Ben Ash Monument (Mud Butte, SD)

Bennett County

Beresford, SD

Berry, Baxter (Trial)

Bertrand (Steamboat)


Bicentennial - U.S. (in South Dakota)

Big Bend - Oahe Interagency Council

Big Bend Condemnation

Big Bend Dam/Reservoir I - IV

Big Foot Trail/Big Foot Claims Council

Big Stone City, SD

Big Stone Lakes

Bijou Hills


Bismarck - Capitol Dakota Territory

Bismarck Trail

Bismarck Mine (Keystone, SD)

Bison (the animal)

Bison Coin, 1987

Bison, SD

Bixby, SD

Black & Yellow Trail

Black Cowboys

Black Hawk, SD

Black Hills

Black Hills Corporation

Black Hills (Magazine articles) I - II

Black Hills (Newspaper clippings)

Black Hills (Promotional Material) I - IV

Black Hills College (Hot Springs, SD)

Black Hills Fly Fishing

Black Hills Jewelry

Black Hills Motor Classic (Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis)

Black Hills National Forest

Black Hills National Park

Black Hills Playhouse

Black Hills Spruce

Black Hills State College (Spearfish, SD)

Black Hills Treaty

Black Kettle (a horse)

Black South Dakotans I - IV


Blair Colony

Blizzard of 1888 I - II

Blizzard of 1949

Blizzard of 1966


Blood Run National Historic Landmark

"Blue Book" South Dakota

Blue Horse Reservoir

Blunt, SD

Blunt Territorial Pioneers

Board of Charities & Corrections

Bode Political Campaign Button Collection

Bon Homme County I - II

Bon Homme Pageant

"Bonanza Years" (Trip through Badlands 1903)

Bonesteel, SD

Bonilla, SD

Bonus Legislation

Book Lists (SD Historical Society & SD Authors)

Borglum Memorial State Park, Gutzom (Borglum Ranch)

Boundaries in South Dakota

Bovine, SD

Bowdle, SD

Box Elder, SD

Box Elder Stage Station

Boy Scouts

Boys State 1967

Bozeman Trail

Bramhall, SD

Brand Board

Brandon, SD

Brands I - II

Brands (Correspondence)

Brands (White River)

Brandt, SD

Brentford, SD



Bridgewater, SD

Bristol, SD

Britton, SD

Broadland, SD

Broken Boot Mine

Brookings, SD I - II

Brookings County I - II

Brown County I - II

Brown Earth Church

Brownsville, SD

Brule City, SD

Brule County

Brule Agency, Lower

Bryant, SD

Buffalo, SD

Buffalo (Bison) I - II

Buffalo Commons (Poppers Theory)

Buffalo County

Buffalo Gap, SD

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Nickel History

Buffalo Ridge

Buffalo Robes

Buffalo Roundup

Buildings - Historic



Burbank, SD

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Burke, SD

Burning Bluff (Gregory County)

Bushnell, SD

Butte County



CCC Camps I, II, III

Cable TV

Calcity (Mining Camp in Meade County)

Calendars - South Dakota I - V

Cambria, SD

Cameron, SD

Camp Clarke Bridge

Camp Collier

Camp Crook, SD

Camp Rapid

Camp Sheridan

Camp Sturgis

Camp Wanzer

Camp Whitney (ND)

Campbell County

Campgrounds and Camping

Canby, SD

Canistota, SD

Canning, SD

Canova, SD

Canton, SD

Canton Indian Asylum (Hiawatha)

Capa, SD

Capital Punishment

Capitol Building Art

Capitol Building, Dakota Territorial

Capitol Centennial, 2010

Capitol Complex Buildings

Capitol Dome Stained Glass

Capitol Employee List

Capitol Fights

Capitol Grounds

Capitol Guides

Capitol Lake

Capitol of SD & Capitol Building I - II - III

Capitol Trees

Caputa, SD

Carbonate Camp

Carlock, SD

Carlyle, SD

Carpenter, SD

Carter, SD

Carthage, SD

Cascade, SD (Ghost Town)

Castalia, SD (Ghost Town)

Castle Creek

Castle Rock, SD

Castlewood, SD

Catholic Missions

Catholics & Catholic Vote

Cattle & Cattle Drives

Caves, South Dakota & North Dakota

Cavour, SD

Cavour, SD - 1926 Girls Football Team

Celtic Festival & Highland Games

Cement Plant



Census - 1885 Territorial

Census - SD Indian Reservation 1880

Centennial 1961 (Dakota Territory)

Centennial of Statehood 1989 I - VII

Centennial Farms

Centennial Valley

Centennials in South Dakota

Center for Western Studies (Augustana College, Sioux Falls)

Center (Geographic) Monument

Center Point, SD

Center of Population

Centerville, SD

Central City, SD

Central South Dakota


Chain Saw History

Chamber of Commerce

Chamberlain, SD

Chance, SD

Chapels - Roadside

Charles Mix County

Charles Mix County (Eugene Rhian File)


Chelsea, SD

Cherry Creek Post & Cherry Creek

Chester, SD

Cheyenne - Black Hills Trail (Stage Route)

Cheyenne Agency & Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

Cheyenne Agency Fair & Pageant

Cheyenne City, SD

Cheyenne Crossing

Cheyenne Deadwood Trail Caravan 1965

Cheyenne Indians

Cheyenne River

Cheyenne River Agency History

Cheyenne River Sioux Constitution and By Laws

Chicago - Black Hills Highway

Chicago & Northwestern Bridge/ Pierre - 100th Anniversary

Chicago & Northwestern Railway

Chiefs to Washington 1870s

Children's Home

Chinese South Dakotans


Chisholm Trail

Christ on the Mountain (Sculpture)

Christmas & Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards, Mount Harney


Church Camps

Churches - SD I - II

Circle Eagle Pictograph



City & County People United

Civil Defense

Civil War I - II

Civil War Monument on Capitol Grounds

Civil War Summary

Civil War TV (Script)

Civilian Conservation Corps

Claim Shanties

Claire City, SD

Claremont, SD

Clark, SD

Clark County

Clay County

Clear Lake, SD

Clearfield, SD

Clifton, SD

Clocks (Antique)


Coal Mines

Coal Springs (Perkins County)

Code Talkers

Codes, Dakota

Codington County

Cold Spring School

Colleges & Universities (South Dakota)

Colman, SD

Colome, SD


Colton, SD

Columbia, SD

Columbus College (Chamberlain, SD)

Comanche (A Horse)

Communists in South Dakota

Composers - South Dakota

Conata, SD

Conde, SD

Confederate Veterans in Dakota 1885

Congregational Church

Congress, U.S.

Congresswomen, U.S. (includes Gladys Pyle)


Conservation Congress 1910 (Pierre)

Constitution, South Dakota

Constitution, U.S. & South Dakota

Constitutional Convention 1883, 1885, 1889

Constitutional & Territorial Officers 1861 - 1975


Cooperative Extension Service

Copp, SD (Ghost Town)

Corn Palace

Cornell, Carl (Stories)

Cornish American, The

Corona, SD


Corporation Laws - Blue Book

Corsica, SD

Corson County

Cosmos (Black Hills Tourist Attraction)

Coteau - Region of South Dakota

Cottonwood, SD

Coulson, SD

Council Rock

Counties, Territorial & State 1862-1948

Country Schools

County Fairs

County Historical Societies

County Histories I - II

County Maps

County Officials Lists

County Seats

Courthouse Fires


Courts in South Dakota I - II

COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 - Tribal Checkpoints

Cowboy Biographies (For Cowboy Hall of Fame)

Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center



Crandall, SD

Crandon, SD

Craven Canyon

Craven Ranch

Crazy Horse, Correspondence 1947

Crazy Horse, Correspondence 1948, 1967, 1979

Crazy Horse & Crazy Horse Memorial I - VI


Creeks & Rivers (by Counties)

Cresbard, SD

Crippled Children & Crippled Children's Hospital

Crocker, SD

Crook City, SD

Crook's "Horse Meat" March

Crooks, SD

Crouch Railroad Line

Crouch, George "Notes on the Yellowstone (Powder River)" Expedition

Crow Agency (Montana)

Crow Buttes, Battle of

Crow Creek Reservation & Tribe

Crow Lake, SD

Crusade for Freedom

Cultural Heritage Center I-II-III

Cultural Heritage Center, Exhibits at I-II-III

Cuny Table, SD

Curran Cabin Camp (Black Hills)

Custer Battlefield & Historic Highway I - II

Custer Corps Camp (see STAR Academy)

Custer County

Custer Film

Custer, Gen. George A.

Custer, SD I - II

Custer State Park I - II

Cuthbert, SD

Cuyahoga Mine



Dacotah Prairie Museum

Dairy Assn. SD

Dakota and Dakota Territory

Dakota Agency

Dakota City, SD

Dakota Courts

Dakota Farmer

Dakota Freie Presse

Dakota Heritage Council

Dakota History Conference

Dakota Homecoming 1909

Dakota Loan & Trust Company

Dakota Musician Assn.

Dakota Pioneer Certificates

Dakota Rail

Dakota State College (Madison, SD)

Dakota Territorial Congress

Dakota Territory (History by J.G. Towle)

Dakota Territory Laws

Dakota Wesleyan University (Mitchell, SD)


Dalesburg, SD

Dallas, SD

Dams in South Dakota

Dance Bands

"Dances with Wolves" (Movie)

Daneville, SD

Danish Brotherhood of South Dakota

Daughters of Colonial Wars - South Dakota

Daughters of the American Revolution (SD Chapter)

Davis, SD

Davison County

Daviston, SD (Ghost Town)

Dawes Act

Day County

Days of 81 Parade (Pierre)

DeSmet, SD

Dead Break, SD

"Dead Man's Hand"

Deadwood, SD I - V

Deadwood, SD (Gambling/Historic Preservation) I - II

Deadwood - Bismarck Stage Coach 1878

Deadwood - Cheyenne Stage

Deadwood - HBO Series

Deadwood Trail

Deaf (School for) Sioux Falls

Deerfield, SD


Death Penalty

Dell Rapids, SD

Delmont, SD

Democratic Party

Dempster, SD

Dentists & South Dakota Dental Assoc.

Denton, SD


Detroit, SD (Ghost Town)

Deuel County

Devils Lake Agency & Tribe

Devils Tower National Monument

Devoe Stock Farm, Devoe Church

Dewey County

Dickens Club

Dime Novels

Dimock, SD

Directories (Misc.)

Displaced Persons (WWII)

Divorce - South Dakota

Dixon, SD

Documents, Dakota Territory and General

Dodge City, KS

Doland, SD

Doll Making & Doll Collections

Dolph, SD

Douglas County

Dowling, SD

Drakola, SD (Post Office)

Draper, SD

Driver's Manual


Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug Dogs - See Highway Patrol

Dry Farming

Dublin, SD

Dull Knife's Raid 1878

Dunn, Harvey

Dupree, SD

Dust Storms

Dutch in South Dakota


Eagle Butte, SD

Eakin, SD

Earling, SD



Easter Seals Society

Economic Development in South Dakota

Eden Park, SD

Edgemont, SD

Edgemont, SD - Radiation

Edmunds County

Edna, SD

Educational Association, SD 1919

Education History I - II

Egan, SD

Eisenhower Library

Election Frauds

Election Returns I - II

Election Statistics

Elections I - II

Elk Point, SD

Elks Club

Elkton, SD

Ellis, SD

Ellsworth Air Force Base

Elrod, SD

Emery, SD


Energy Crisis

Energy Development & Effect of Mining on Lakota Sioux


Engineers, 109th (National Guard Unit)

Englewood, SD (Lawrence County)

"Engravings" (Historical Collections)

Environmental Protection

Epiphany, SD

Episcopal Church

Erosphere, SD (EROS Data Center) Sioux Falls

Erwin, SD

Esmond, SD

Estelline, SD

Ethan, SD

Ethiopian Rescue Relief Conference, Intl.

Ethnic Groups

ETSI (Energy Transportation Systems, Inc)

Etta Mining Camp

Etymology (of animal names)

Eugenics Law

Eureka, SD

Evans Plunge

Evarts, SD

Executive Proclamations


Explorers (Mallet Brothers)



Fairbank, SD

Fairfax, SD


Fairburn, SD

Fairview, SD

Faith, SD


Fall River County

Fall River Sidney Crossing

Fallout Shelter, Designs for

Famous South Dakotans

Farmer, SD

Farm Island History

Farm Rally at Capitol 1985

Farm Rescue

Farmer's Alliance

Farmer's Debate Teams



Farming Publications

Fashion & Style

Faulk County

Faulkton, SD

Federal Writers Project in SD

Fedora, SD

Ferney, SD


Fielder, SD

Finns in South Dakota

Fire Marshal

Fire, Prairie

Fire, Prairie (Hyde Co., 1947)



Firesteel, SD


Fish Hatcheries

Fisher Grove State Park


Fisk Expedition, 1864 (map of)

Flag Dedication Ceremony - Pierre American Legion 1986

Flag, 40 Star

Flag, State


Flags (Correspondence with Foreign Embassies)

Flags, Damaged in Museum Fire

Flags, Other States

Flags, U.S.

Flaming Fountain at Capitol Lake

Flandreau, SD

Flatiron, SD

Fleur de Lys Horse Ranch

Flood - Rapid City 1972

Flood Control

Flood of 1965


Flora, SD

Florence, SD

Flour Mills of South Dakota

Flower, State

Flowers & Plants

Floyd Monument - Sioux City, IA


Folklore, Sioux


"Fool Soldiers"

Forest City, SD

Forest Fires

Forest Service

Forestburg, SD

Forestry in South Dakota

Fort Abercrombie

Fort Atkinson

Fort Bennett

Fort Benton

Fort Berthold

Fort Brule

Fort Buford

Fort Charlotte

Fort Dakota

Fort Ellice

Fort George

Fort Hale

Fort Hays

Fort James

Fort Keogh

Fort Laramie Monument and Pageant

Fort Laramie, 150th Anniversary

Fort Lookout

Fort Mandan

Fort Manuel Lisa

Fort Meade

Fort Niobrara

Fort Peck

Fort Phil Kearney

Fort Pierre, SD

Fort Pierre - Black Hills Stage Route

Fort Pierre - Chouteau

Fort Pierre - Deadwood Trail

Fort Randall I - IV

Fort Randall (Donlin House)

Fort Renville

Fort Rice

Fort Ridgely, MN

Fort Robinson

Fort Sisseton I - II

Fort Sisseton State Park

Fort Snelling

Fort St. Charles

Fort Stevenson

Fort Sully I - II

Fort Thompson

Fort Totten

Fort Union

Fort Wadsworth

Fort Washakie

Fort William Seward

Fort Yates


Fortunate Gold Mining Company

Fossil Cycad National Monument


Foundation of North American Indian Culture


Fountain, SD

Four-H (4-H) Clubs

Fourteen Mile House (Jefferson, SD)

Fourth Cavalry

Fourth of July

Fox Ridge and Jim Brown Dog

Frankfort SD

Franklin, SD

Franklin Mint

Frawley Ranch

Frederick, SD

Freedom Train

Freeman, SD

Freeport, SD

Friends of the Middle Border Museum

Fruitdale, SD

Fulton, SD

Funeral Directors Association - South Dakota

Fur Trade Licenses

Fur Traders and Fur Trade I - II



Galena, SD

Galla, SD


Game, Fish & Parks

Gann Valley, SD

Garden City, SD

Gardner Cabin & Abbie Gardner Sharp

Garretson, SD

Garrison Dam & Reservoir

Gary, SD I - II

Gas Belt Expositions, 1907, 1908, 1909

"Gate of Counties" (in Hilgers Gulch)

Gatling Gun

Gavins Point Dam & Reservoir

Gayville, SD

Geddes, SD

Gene-O-Log (SDHS Pub. 1972-1973)

Genealogy I - II

Geographical Centers

Geological Survey

Geology - South Dakota

George, H.T. (stories by)

German Baptist Assoc.

Germans from Russia

Germany Society

Gettysburg, SD

Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance Shirt

Ghost Towns I - III

"Ghost Towns, Black Hills" (by Watson Parker)

Gilbert, SD

Gillette Prairie (Black Hills)

Girl Scouts

Glen, SD

Glencross, SD

Glendale, SD

Glenham, SD

Goat Island

Gold Discovery

Gold Productions (Black Hills)

Goodwill, SD (Presbyterian Mission)

Goodwin, SD

Gordon Stockade

Gorman, SD

Government Directory, South Dakota

Government - Local

Governor's Awards

Governor's Grove

Governor's Mansion

Governor's Messages

Governor's Territorial

Governor's Wives I - III

Governors, Biographies of

Governors, List of

Grabill, J.C.H. (photo collection)

Grace Mission (Episcopal)

Grain Growers Association

Grain Palace

Grand Army of the Republic

Grand Army of the Republic - Vets List

Grand Junction Mine

Grand River Floods

Grandview, SD


Grant County

Grants in Aid to South Dakota




Gray Goose (Dance Hall)


Great Lakes of SD Association

Great Plains National Park in South Dakota

Great Plains Resource Center (Proposed)

Greater South Dakota Association I - II

Greater South Dakota Congress, Jan. 1929

Greenwood, SD (Black Hills)

Greenwood, SD (Charles Mix Co.)

Gregory County

Gregory, SD

Grimes, Ballad of Curly (poem)

Grindstone, SD

Grocer's Answer Book

Groseiller and Radisson

Groton, SD

Gunderson Farm Centennial


Gypsies--South Dakota


Haakon County


Hair Wreath & Jewelry

Half-Way House

Hall of Fame (Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1903)

Hamill, SD

Hamlin County

Hand County


Hands Across South Dakota

Hanging & Executions (South Dakota)

Hanna, SD

Hanson County

Hanta Yo

Harding County

Harding, SD

Harney Cabin

Harney City, SD (Ghost Town)

Harney Peak

Harrisburg, SD

Harrison, SD

Harrold, SD

Harte, Emmet F. "A Flareback to Nature."

Hartford Beach State Park (includes sketch of Indian burial)

Hartford, SD

Haunted, SD

Havilecek, SD (Ghost Town)

Hawken Rifle

Hayes, SD

Hayti, SD

Hayward, SD

Hazel, SD


Hecla, SD

Henry, SD

Heraldic Art

Herba State Bank

Hermosa, SD

"Heroes of Dakota"

Herreid, SD

Hetland, SD

Heumphreus Ranch

Hiawatha Indian Asylum (see Canton Indian Asylum)



"Hidden City", SD

Hidden Valley Ranch

Hiddenwood State Park

High Plains Heritage Society

Highmore, SD

Highway Patrol

Highways I-II-III

Highways, Historic I - VI

Hilger's Gulch

Hill City, SD

Hilland, SD

Hisega Area

Historic Homes of SD

Historic Points along the Missouri River (1892 War Dept. Survey)

Historic Points/Markers I-II

Historic Preservation I-II

Historic Sites

Historic Sites (Proposed)

Historic South Dakota Foundation

Historic Trail (5 States)

Historical Societies & Museums in South Dakota

Historical Talks (Will Robinson)

History Day


Holabird, SD

Holmquist, SD

Holy Terror Mine

Home Demonstration Clubs

Homeland Security

Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center (HARCC)

Homestake Mining Co I-II

Homestake Science Lab


Homewood, SD

Honor Flight

Hopewell, SD

Horse or "A Man Called Horse"

Horses & Horseracing


Hosmer, SD

Hot Springs, SD I-II-III

Houses, Historic

Hoven, SD

Howard, SD

Howe House

Howell, SD

Hudson Bay Company

Hudson, SD

Hughes County I-II

Human Services Center - see Yankton State Hospital


Humboldt, SD


Hurley, SD

Huron, SD I-II-III

Huron College (Huron, SD) I-II

Huron, Dakota Territory

Hutchinson County

Hutterites I-II-III

Hyde County

Hydroelectric Power in South Dakota



IDEA (Industrial Development Expansion Agency)

Ideal, SD

Igloo, SD

Illingworth Photos (listed) Custer Expedition 1874



Income Tax, Constitutional Amendment

Incorporated Cities Listing

Incorporation Certificates

Independent Stockgrowers of America

Indian Affairs

Indian Affairs, BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs)

Indian Arts, First Nations Sculpture Garden

Indian Arts & Crafts

Indian Battles

Indian Bibliographies

Indian Commissioners

Indian Creek Stage Station

Indian Culture I, II

Indian Culture Day, 1972-1973 (Capitol mural changed)

Indian: Dakota, I, II, III

Indian Delegations

Indians, Dictionary & Calendars

Indian Education, I - II

Indian: Federal Policy

Indian: Films/Television

Indian Food

Indian Jurisdiction

Indian: Lac qui Parle

Indian Land Claims

Indian Languages

Indians - Little Bighorn

Indian Lore & Legend

Indian, Mail Order Catalog

Indian: Maps

Indian: Medal of Honor Winners

Indian Military

Indian Mounds

Indian Music

Indian Names

Indians: Not Dakotas

Indian Organizations

Indian: Prehistoric Cultures

Indian Publications

Indian Religion

Indian Rosebud Sioux Council

Indian Schools

Indian Scouts & Police

Indian Stories

Indian Trails (Maps, Letters)

Indian Treaties, Catalog of

Indian: "We Shake Hands" Conference

Indian Women


Ingalls Family

Ingham, SD

Initiative & Reform

Inland Airline

Institute of Atmospheric Sciences

Insurance Program - South Dakota

Interior, SD

International Peace Gardens

Internment Camps

Iona, SD

Iowa Data

Ipswich, SD

Iraqi Freedom War - see also Military incl. Afghanistan

Irene, SD

Ireland - Irish

Iron Mountain Road (US Highway 16A)

Iron Will (Movie)

Iroquois, SD

Irrigation in South Dakota

Irving, SD

Izaak Walton League

Isabel, SD


Ivanhoe, SD


Jackson County

James River

Jamesville, SD

Japanese Garden

Java, SD

Jefferson, SD

Jerauld County

Jewel Cave

Jewish Colony


Joe Dollar Mine

Johnson Fuel Co.

Jones County

Jordan, SD

Joslyn Art Museum

Journalism, Women

Junior Historians

Judges, Supreme Court

Judicial Voices Project

Junius, SD

Jury Duty

Juvenile Delinquency



Kadoka, SD

Kampeska Museum

Kaneb Pipeline

Karinen, SD

Kasaan Peninsula Mining Company

Kaufman Museum, Marion, SD

Kaylor, SD

Kelly, Dan

Kennebec, SD

Kensington Stone

Keyapaha, SD

Keystone, SD

Keystone Pipeline

Kidder, SD

Kildeer Mountain (Battlefield) ND

Kimball, SD

Kingsbury County

Kirley, SD

Kittie, Medora-Deadwood Stagecoach

Kiwanis Club

KKK in South Dakota

Klondike Mill/Dam

Knights of Pythias

Koller, Joe (Correspondence with) "Buckskin Johnny"


Korean War - South Dakota War Casualties

Koto, SD

Kranzburg, SD

Kyle, SD



LaBolt, SD

LaCreek National Wildlife Refuge

LaFoon, SD

LaFramboise Island

LaGrace, SD

La Plant, SD

Lake Andes, SD

Lake City, SD

Lake County

Lake Henry

Lake Kampeska

Lake Madison

Lake Norden, SD

Lake Placer Claim & U.S. Patent

Lake Poinsett

Lakeport, SD

Lake Preston

Lake Thompson

Lake Traverse

Lakes in South Dakota

"Lame Johnny"

Lamro, SD

Land Lottery

Land Rush

Landmarks, SD

Lane, SD

Langford, SD

Lantry, SD

Last Man Club

Latchstring Inn

Lawrence County


Lead, SD

Lead, SD - Public Schools

Leavenworth Monument

Lebanon, SD

LeBeau, SD

Lectures at USD

Legislation, Proposed

Legislative Fights

Legislative Research Council Study

Legislators, 1890-1945 (List with numbers that match the composite photos)

Legislators, Biographies of

Legislators, Lists of


Legislature - 1974

Legislature - Special Session Sept. 23, 1981

Legislature - Special Sessions

Lemmon, SD

Lennox, SD

Leola, SD

LeSueur & LeMoine's Expedition

Leslie, SD

Lesterville, SD

Letcher, SD

Lewis & Clark I - II - III

Lewis & Clark Bibliography

Lewis & Clark Bicentennial

Lewis & Clark Campsite

Lewis & Clark Historic Highway

Lewis & Clark Lake

Lewis & Clark Trail Highway


Liberty Bell

Liberty Loan Drive

Librarians, Public

Libraries & Librarians

Library, State

License Plates

Lily, SD

Lime Kiln Pool

Lincoln County

Lincoln Stories

Lincoln Territory

Little Moreau State Recreation Area

Little Spearfish

Little White Fort

Little White River Basin

Little Wolf's Band


Locke Hotel

Lodgepole (S.D.)

Lodging Hosts Directories 1968-69

Lodi, SD

Log Cabins

Logan, SD


Lohre, SD

Loisel Post

Lone Tree, The

Loneman Indian School

Long Lake, McPherson County

Lookout City, SD

Lost Bird Society


Louisiana Purchase

Lower Brule Tribe & Reservation

Lowry, SD

Loyalton, SD

Lucas, SD

Lusk, Betty (The Whaley Children)

Lusk, Willard (writings of)

Lutheran Church & Lutherans

Lyman County

Lynn, SD



Madison, SD

Madlon, Father Daniel

Mail Boxes

Mail Order Brides

Maitland, SD

Mammoth Site

Manchester, SD

Mandans (Thwates Notes to Maximilian's Account)

Mankato Executions

Mansfield, SD



Maps 1884

Marion, SD

Marksville, SD

Marshall County

Marshals - United States

Martin, SD

Marty Indian School

Marvin, SD

Masonic Lodge in South Dakota

Massacre Island - Minnesota

Maurine, SD


Mayflower Descendants, Society of

McCarthy, Senator Joseph (Hearings)

McCook County

McCook Family

McCrossan Boys Ranch

McDonald, W. H.

McIntosh, SD

McKennon Park

McKinley, President William (Speech in Yankton)

McLaughlin, SD

McPherson County

Meade County

Meat Packing

Meadow, SD

Medal of Honor


Medary (Monument)


Medicine Butte

Medicine Creek

Medicine Knoll

Medicine Rock

Medicine in South Dakota

Medora, ND

Meers, SD

Mellette County

Mellette House

Mellette Tree Tablet

Memorial Building

Memorial Building Proposed Addition

Men & Religion Forward Movement

Menno, SD

Mennonite Colonies

Mennonites in South Dakota by John Unruh

Mentor House

Merritt, SD

Messiah War


Methodist Church

Meyersville, SD

Mickelson Memorial (Also Fighting Stallion Memorial)

Mickelson Trail

Midland, SD

Midwest Natural Gas Co.

Midwest Resources


Milbank, SD

Milesville, SD

Military (see also Iraq)

Military Camps & Assignments

Military History

Militia Dakota 1862

Millboro, SD

Miller, SD



Milltown, SD

Milwaukee Junction, D. T.

Mina Lake

Miner County



Mining in Black Hills

Mining Hall of Fame


Minnehaha County

Minnesela, SD


Minuteman Missile Sites

Miranda, SD


Mission, SD

Mission Hill, SD

Mission Ridge


Mississippi & Mississippi Valley

Missouri River I - VIII

Missouri River Bridges

Missouri River Sub-Impoundments

Mitchell, SD

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village

Mobridge, SD

Moenville, SD

Monroe, SD


Montana-Dakota Utilities

Montgomery Ward

Monthly South Dakotan Index

Montrose, SD


Monuments Argus Leader

Moody County

Moon Rock (W.H. Over Museum)

Moreau River

Mormons in South Dakota

Morristown, SD

Morrow, S.J. (photo collection)

Mossman, SD

"Mother of the Year", South Dakota

Mothers Chapel

Mothers Day


Motor Vehicles, Dept. of

Mound City, SD

Mount Coolidge (Black Hills)

Mount Moriah Cemetery (Deadwood, SD)

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore, Naming of

Mount Rushmore Publications

Mount Theodore Roosevelt Dedication

Mount Vernon, SD

Mountain Lions

Movies & Theater


Murdo, SD

Murphy, W.H.

Museum, Casey Tibbs

Museum of Wildlife, Science & Industry

Museums, I - II

Museums Directory

Mush Creek Fort

Music and Musicians (SD)

Music & Shrine to Music Museum

Myersville, SD

Mystic, SD


Names Suggested for Merchant Ships, 1943

National College

National Guard

National Hall of Fame

National Park Service

National Parks & Landmarks

National Press Association: Outing to SD, 1912

National Register of Historic Places

National Youth Association

Native American Artifacts & Remains (see also "Indian")

Native American Artists (see also "Indian")

Native American Presses (see also "Indian")

Native American Public Broadcasting (see also "Indian")

Natural Resources Study of the Black Hills

Naturalization Process

Nature Conservancy - Dakota Field Office

Nebraska - (General)

Nemo, SD

Nettleton College (Sioux Falls, SD)

Newell, SD

New Building Plans & Legislation

New Effington, SD

News Headlines, 1985 (Top Stories)

Newspaper - Great Falls Tribune (Montana, June 25, 1885)

Newspaper Directory

Newspapers in South Dakota

Newton Hills State Park

Nicknames, States

Nicollett Tower

Nidaros Lutheran Church Centennial

Ninety Years & Over in 1947 (Persons who were)

Nisland, SD

Nobel Prizes

Nobles Trail - Fort Ridgely & South Pass

Nonpartisan League

Norbeck, SD

Nordland Fest

Norris, SD

North American Foundation for Indian Culture

North Central Pork Marketing

North Dakota

Northeastern South Dakota

Northern Great Plains History Conference

Northern State College (Bibliography of Graduate Papers & Thesis)

Northern State College/University (Aberdeen, SD)

Northern States Power Company

North Sioux City, SD 

Northville, Dakota Territory

Northwest Company & Northwest Ordinance

Northwest Plains Prehistory Sketch

Norway - Norwegians in SD

Norwegian American Copper Mining & Smelting Company

Nunda, SD

Nursing Schools - St. Joseph's Hospital (Deadwood, SD)

Nystrom Stories


Oacoma, SD

Oahe Chapel

Oahe Dam

Oahe Dam Dedication

Oahe Days 1971

Oahe Development Assoc.

Oahe Diversion Project

Oahe Peoria Bottom

Oahe Reservoir Area


Oakwood, SD

Oakwood Lakes

Odd Fellows

Odell, SD

Oelrichs, SD

Oglala Lakota College (Kyle, SD)

Oglala Sioux Tribe

Ohio Spindle Top Oil & Storage Company

"Ohitika The Terrible One"

Oil in South Dakota

Okaton, SD

Okobojo, SD

Old Agency

Old Settlers Historical Assoc.

Old West Trail

Oldham, SD

Olivet, SD

Onaka, SD

One Hundred Forty-Seventh (147th) Field Artillery Historical Society

"One Little Indian"

Onida, SD

Ophir King Gold Mining

Oral History Project


Order of the Home Guardians

Order of the White Buffalo

Ordway, SD

Ordway Memorial Prairie

Orient, SD

Orman Dam

Orphan Train

"Otto Stone"

Otter Trail Power Company


Owanka, SD

Over, W.H. (Museum)




Pack Outfits

Pactola Reservoir

Pactola, SD


Paha Sapa


Palisade, SD & Palisades State Park

Palmer, SD

Papineau Trading Post

Parent Teachers Assoc., SD

Paris, SD

Parker, SD

Parkston, SD

Parmley, J.W. (Historical Society)

Passion Play

Patricia, SD

Peace Medals

Pedro, SD

Peever, SD

Pembina, Dakota Territory

Penitentiary (South Dakota)

Pennington County

Peno Springs

People of the Seven Council Fires

Peoria Bottom

Perkins County

Perkins County Historical Society

Perkins Store, SD


Petrified Wood Park Historical Society


Pettigrew Museum

Pettigrew Party

Peyote Ceremony

Pharmaceutical Assoc., SD

Pheasant Dress

Pheasantland Industries


Philip, SD

Philippine Revolt


Pickstown, SD

Piedmont, SD

Pierpont, SD

Pierre - Air Base

Pierre - Architecture

Pierre - Capital University Center

Pierre - Churches

Pierre - Community Choir

Pierre - Corral Westerners Intl.

Pierre - Cowboys Baseball Team

Pierre - Elections

Pierre - Fire Dept.

Pierre - First Airmail Service

Pierre - Fort Pierre Genealogical Society

Pierre - Historical

Pierre - Historical Clippings

Pierre - Historical Society

Pierre - History

Pierre - Indian Learning Center

Pierre - Map of City

Pierre - Misc.

Pierre - Pierre Players

Pierre - Pontoon Bridge

Pierre - President Tafts Visit

Pierre - Promotional Publications

Pierre - Public Schools

Pierre - St. Mary's Hospital

Pierre - Victory Ship

Pierre - Waterama 59

Pine Ridge, SD & Pine Ridge Reservation


Pipestone, MN

Place Names

Place Names & Post Offices

Place Road Ranch

Plankinton, SD


Platforms & Political Party

Plats (maps of South Dakota Towns, info on)

Platte, SD

Pleasant Valley

Plenty Horses Trial

Plum Creek Station

Plumb, Professor J. H.

Poet Laureate - South Dakota

Political Buttons

Political History of South Dakota

Politics (news clippings & campaign literature)

Pollock, SD

Polo, SD & Polo Game

Ponca Indians

Pony Express

Population of South Dakota


Porcupine, SD

Portraits in Capitol Building

Post Office Site Locations A-C

Post Office Site Locations D-F

Post Office Site Locations G-L

Post Office Site Locations M-P

Post Office Site locations Q-S

Post Office Site Locations T-Z

Post Office "The History of the US Post Office" by Evelyn Ellis

Post Offices & Postmasters

Post Offices & Place Names in South Dakota

Postage Stamps

Postal History (Dakota)

Potawatomi Agency

Potter County

Potter County Historical Society

Powder River (Montana)

Powell, SD (Edmunds Co.)

Powell, SD (Miner Co.)

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Edge

Prairie Fire (see Fire, Prairie)

Prairie Hen

Prairie Historical Society

Prairie Village - Madison


Pre-Emption Laws

Presentation Sisters

Presho, SD

Presidents in South Dakota

Press Association

Preston, SD

Pringle, SD

Proclamation, Dakota Territory (Governor Jayne)


"Project Dakota"

Project Wild


Protests - SD

Provo, SD

Public Assistance


Publications, South Dakota Historical Society

Pukwana, SD

Pumpkin Center, SD

Punished Woman's Lake




Quarry Industry


Quinn, SD



Radar Stations

Radio Stations

Radio & Television

Railroad - Chicago & N.W.

Railroad - Dakota Southern

Railroad - Others

Railroad Men in Black Hills, 1800s-1958

Railroad - Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad

Railroad - Milwaukee


Railroads, Narrow Gauge

Rainfall in South Dakota


Ramona, SD


Rapid City I-II-III

Rapid City Flood

Rapid City Society for Genealogical Research


Raven Industries (Sioux Falls)

Ravina, SD




Reconciliation, South Dakota 1990 beginning

Recreation in South Dakota

Recreation, Outdoor Development in Hughes & Stanley Counties

Red Cloud Indian School (Pine Ridge, S.D.)

Redfield, SD

Redig, SD

Red Scaffold, SD

Ree Heights, SD

Reed, Ali Book Agency

Relief Programs

Religious Data

Religious Organizations

Remote Sensing Info.

Renner, SD

Renshaw, SD


Republican Party I - II

Reservations - South Dakota

Reserve Officers Association

Resources of South Dakota, Natural

Revillo, SD

Rhodes Scholars from North & South Dakota

Richland, SD

Rifle Pit Canyon

Rifle Pits

Rising Hail (Rehabilitation Colony)

Rivercrest Manor


Rivers & Creeks

Rivers & Harbors

Roadside Park Markers


Roberts County

Roberts County Historical Society

Rochford, SD

Rockerville, SD

Rockham, SD

Rockhound Guide

Rockport, SD

Rocky Mountain Goats

Rodent Infestations in SD


Ronald McDonald

Rorgotown, SD

Roscoe, SD

Rose, SD

Rosebud, SD

Rosebud Historical Society

Rosebud Motorcade

Rosella, SD

Rosholt, SD

Roslyn, SD

Ross, Mrs. Averil

Roubaix, SD (Ghost Town)


Rowena, SD

Roy Lake State Park


Running Water, SD

Rural Credit Board

Rural Development Telecommunications Network

Rural Electrification

Rural Resettlement Administration

Rural School Historical Society

Ruskin Park

Ruskin Park Project

Russian Thistle

Rustling Cattle






Saint Charles Hotel (Pierre)

Saint Frances

Saint John's Church (Deadwood)

Saint Joseph's Indian School (Chamberlain)

Saint Joseph's Lakota Development Council

Saint Lawrence & Saint Lawrence Graves

Saint Mary's School for Indian Girls (Springfield)

Saint Onge, SD

Salem, SD


Sana, SD

Sanborn County

Sanborn County Historical Society

Sanford Lab - see Homestake Lab

Sansarc, SD

Santee Agency

Santee Normal Training School

Santee Normal School - Student List

Santee Sioux

"Save the School Fund" 1940

Savings Bonds, U.S. 1971

Sawyer Expedition 1865-66

Scenic, SD

School & Public Lands

School Administration

School Boards of South Dakota, Associated

School Census

School Districts - Names & Addresses

School Fund

School House, First

School Lands - Mineral Rights

School Laws

School for the Blind (Gary)

School for the Deaf (Sioux Falls)

School of Mines (Rapid City)

Schools for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Schools, Rural - SD

Schopen Stone

Scobey County

Scotia Mining Company

Scotland Historical Society

Scotland, SD

Scott, Dan (Early Day Reminiscences)

Scrip (Land Swindle)


Sears Roebuck

Secretaries, State Government Cabinet 1973-1978

Seed/Nursery Catalogs I - II

Seim, SD

Selby, SD


Seneca, SD

Senior Citizens

September 11 Terrorist Attack, 2001 – SD News

Shadehill Reservoir

Shakespeare Club of Aberdeen, SD - History 1901-1977

Shannon County


Sheridan Lake

Sheridan, SD


Sherman, SD

Sherrard Monument

Shindler, SD

Shrine to Music Museum

Shriners in South Dakota

Sidney Black Hills Trail (Sidney-Deadwood Trail)

Sica (Sieche) Hollow State Park

Silver City, SD

Silver Summit Ranch

Sinai, SD

Sinai History Group

Sinte Gleska College (Mission, SD)

Sioux City, IA

Sioux Falls I-II-III

Sioux Falls Campaign of 1872

Sioux Falls College (Sioux Falls)

Sioux Horse Effigy

Sioux Indians I - II

Sioux Valley Genealogy Society

Sisseton, SD

Sisseton - Wahpeton Sioux

Skeletal Remains & Dispositions

Sky Ranch

Slides - Color

Slim Buttes

Slim Buttes Historical Society

Small Towns, Life in


Smithville, SD

Smithwick, SD

Snake Butte

Snoma, SD

Social Security

Social Services

Sod Houses

Soil Conservation

Soil & Moisture Clinic, 1967

Solar Energy

Soldiers - Discharge Forms (examples)

South Dakota I - II

South Dakota - Advocacy Network for Women

South Dakota - Anniversaries

South Dakota - Archaeological Society

South Dakota - Arts Council

South Dakota - Coin & Stamp Association

South Dakota - County & State Directory

South Dakota - Economic Opportunity Office

South Dakota - Emergency Relief Admn.

South Dakota - Experiment Farm

South Dakota - Genealogical Society

South Dakota - Golden Jubilee, 1939

South Dakota - Hall of Fame

South Dakota - High School Activities Assoc.

South Dakota - History - Early

South Dakota - Indian Education Association

South Dakota - Lake Region Association N.E.

South Dakota - Library Association

South Dakota - Mining Company

South Dakota - Municipal League

South Dakota - Newspaper Association

South Dakota - Promotional Materials & Brochures

South Dakota - Public Broadcasting

South Dakota - Public Documents

South Dakota - Reclamation Association N.E.

South Dakota - Relief Bulletin

South Dakota - Retailers Association

South Dakota - Review

South Dakota - Rock of Stone

South Dakota - School of Mines (Rapid City)

South Dakota - School Peace League

South Dakota - Seals

South Dakota - South Dakotans of Note

South Dakota - State Historical Society (SHS)

South Dakota - SHS - Agriculture Heritage Museum

South Dakota - SHS - Archaeological Research Center

South Dakota - SHS - Folk Arts

South Dakota - SHS - Historical Preservation Center

South Dakota - SHS - Smith Zimmerman Museum

South Dakota - SHS - South Dakota History

South Dakota - SHS - Story of

South Dakota - SHS - W.H. Over Museum

South Dakota - State Library

South Dakota - State Medical Association

South Dakota - State Officials Elected 1889-1968

South Dakota - State University at Brookings, SD

South Dakota - State Veterans Home

South Dakota - States Attorney

South Dakota - Supreme Court

South Dakota - Symbols

South Dakota Art Museum

South Dakota Symphony

South Dakota - Well Drillers Association

South Dakotans of Note

South Dakotans Who Attended Rural Schools

South Shore, SD

Southern State Normal School (Springfield)

Sovereignty Over South Dakota

Spain, SD

Spanish American War

Spanish Flu 1918

Spaulding (Hamlin County)

Spearfish, SD

Spearfish Academy

Spearfish Fish Hatchery

Spearfish Historical Society

Spencer, SD

Spink County

Spink (S.D.)

Spirit Lake & Spirit Lake Massacre

Split Rock, SD

Spokane, SD (Ghost Town)

"Spook Money"


Springfield, SD

Springfield Museum

Squaw Hill Massacre

Stage Coach

Stage Line - Yankton to Sioux Falls

Stage Lines

Stage Roads

Stamford, SD

Standing Rock Agency & Reservation

Stanley, SD

Stanley Corner, SD

Stanley County

STAR Academy

State Animal - Coyote

State Bird (Ring Neck Pheasant)

State Capital

State Fair

State Flag

State Floral Emblem (Pasque Flower)

State Parks

State Quarter

State Senate

State Training School - Plankinton

State Song

State Tree


Statehood - 125th Anniversary


Steam Engines

Steamboat Data

Steamboat Logs

Steamboat Wrecks


Stephan Mission

Stickney, SD

Stockholm, SD

Stockman's Association

Stokes Ditch

Stoneville Fight

Stoneville, SD

Storla, SD


Strandburg, SD

Stratford, SD

Stratosphere Flight

Street Cars in Pierre

Street Cars in South Dakota


Strip of Land, Historic


Strool, SD

Strouseton, SD

Sturgis, SD

Sully Buttes

Sully County

Sulphur, SD

Summit, SD

Sun Dance

Sunday Clothes

Sunday Gulch

Sunday School Convention, 1924

Sunder Larpenteur

Surbeck Center (South Dakota School of Mines & Tech)

Survey Originals

Surveys, Land

Sutton Ranch

Swan Lake, SD

Sweeney, SD


Sylvan Lake


Tabor, SD

Tartan Stone, SD

Tatanka - Story of the Bison

Taxes, in South Dakota

Tea, SD



Telephone History


Tepee Rings

Terraville, SD

Territorial Government

Territorial Seals

Terry, SD (Ghost Town)

Texas Longhorn

Texas, SD



Thoen Stone

Thrall Academy

Three Toes (Stanley County)

Thule, SD

Thunderhead Falls

Tigerville, Dakota Territory

Timber Lake, SD

Timber Lake & Area Historical Society

Time Capsules

Time Zones

Tin Mining


Tinton, SD

"Tipperary" (Rodeo Horse)


Todd County Historical Society

Todd County, History


Toll Roads

Tolstoy, SD

Topbar, SD

Toronto, SD


Town Names

Town Plats

Towns, incorporation dates

Towns, listed by counties


Traders License

Trail of Governors

Trail Maps

Trail Rides



Travare, Dakota Territory (Ghost Town)

Traverse DE Sioux

Treasure, Hidden



Trent, SD

Tri-County Pioneers Association

Tri-State Marker

Tripp County

Tripp County Historical Society

Trojan, SD

Troy, SD

Trudeau Cabin

Tuberculosis & Health Association

Tulare, SD

Turner County

Turner County Historical Society

Turton, SD

Tuthill, SD

Twedt Stone

Twin Brooks, SD

Two Bit, SD

Two Strike, SD

Tyndall, SD


Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil - "Sue"



UFO Sightings

U.S.S. Brookings

U.S.S. Oglala

U.S.S. Pierre

U.S.S. Rushmore

U.S.S. South Dakota, BB 57 (Battleship)

U.S.S. South Dakota, SSN 790 (Submarine)


Unemployment Compensation

Unified Judicial System

Union County

Union County Courier (newspaper - April 10, 1872)

United Farmers League

United Methodist Historical Society (Black Hills)

United Nations

United Sioux Tribes

United War Work Campaign

Unityville, SD (McCook County)

University of South Dakota (Vermillion)

Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, 1925


Urich Sculptures

Ute Indians

Utica, SD


Vale, SD

Valentine, Thomas B. "Valentine Scrip"


Valley Forge

Valley Springs, SD

Valley Station, SD

Van Metre, SD

Vanderbilt, SD

Vanishing Trail Expeditions, 1960-1978

Veblen, SD

Verdon, SD

Verendrye Monument (Ft. Pierre)

Verendrye Museum Association

Verendrye Plate

Verendrye Plate -- A. Miotte Plate

Vermillion, SD


Veterans Day

Veterans Home, State

Veterans Memorials

Viborg, SD

Victor, SD


Vietnam - South Dakota War Dead

Vilas, SD


Virgil, SD (Beadle County)

Vivian, SD

Vocational Technical Schools in South Dakota

Volga, SD

Volin, SD



WPA & Federal Writers Project

Wagner, SD

Wagner Historical Society

Wagon Trains, Contemporary

Wakonda, SD

Wakonda Historical Society

Wakpala, SD

Walker, SD

Wall, SD

Wall Drug

Wall Historical Society

Walworth County

War of the Outbreak

Ward, SD

Warner, Rev. Alex

Warner, SD

Washabaugh County

Washington Monument (Stone)

Wasp #2 Mining Company

Wasta, SD

Water Organizations

Water Resources

Water Witching

Waterbury, SD

Watertown, SD I-II

Watauga, SD

Waubay, SD & Waubay National Wildlife Refuge

Waverly, SD


Weather Modification

Webster, SD

Wecota, SD

Weddings & Anniversaries

Wellington Church Marker

Wells Fargo

Welsh Settlers

Wendte, SD

Wentworth, SD

Wessington, SD

Wessington Springs, SD & Wessington Springs Academy/College

West Point Graduates from South Dakota 1890-1932

West River Early Settlers Association

West River History Conference

West River Stock Growers Association

West Nile Virus

Western Governor's Regional Energy Policy Office

Western History Association

Western Town Company

Westerners International

Westover, SD

Weta, SD (Ghost Town)

Wewela, SD


Wheelchair Vacation Guide

Wheeler, SD

Whetstone Agency

White Area Historical Society

White, SD

White Horse, SD

White Lake, SD

White Owl, SD

White River, SD

White Rock, SD

Whiteman, Murder of

Whitestone Hill Battlefield

Whitewood Creek

Whitewood, SD

Who's Who


Wilderness Bill & Wilderness Society


Willow Lake, SD

Willow Springs Stage Station

Wilmot, SD

Wilson, SD

Wind Cave National Park


Wine and Wineries in SD

Winfred, SD

Winner, SD

Winter Count

Winter Count - "The Running Bull-Iron Hawk Winter Count"

Winter Count - "The Wind-Roan Bear Winter Count"

Wist, SD (Day County)

Witten, SD

WNAX Radio Station

Wolcott Gold Mining, Milling & Development Company

Wolf Mt. Gold Stampede

Wolsey, SD


Woman's Relief Corp.

Women in South Dakota

Women, Commission on the Status of

Women's Christian Temperance Union

Women's Clubs

Women's Suffrage - Centennial Celebration

Wood, SD

Wooden Cannon

Wooden Indian

Woonsocket, SD

World War I-II

World War I Pilots

World War I - War Casualties (SD)

World War II

World War II Combat Dead

World War II - Japanese Americans (442nd Infantry)

World's Columbian Exposition

Worthing, SD

Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee 1973 I-II-III-IV



No Entries


YMCA on the Reservations

Yale, SD (Centennial)

Yale University Library (Inventory of Dakota Territory Material)

Yankton I-II-III-IV

Yankton Agency & Yankton Sioux Tribe

Yankton College (Conversion to Federal Prison)

Yankton County

Yankton County Historical Society

Yankton Fire Asylum

"Yankton" (Gun Boat)

Yankton Indian Reservation Land Owners 1894

Yankton State Hospital

Yankton Trail

Year of Unity, 2010

Yellow Bird Mine (Pennington County)

Yellow Jacket (Horse)

Yellow Thunder Camp

"Yellowstone, The" (Steamboat)

Yellowstone Expedition, 1873

Yellowstone (Steamboat)

Yellowstone Trails

Young Citizens League

Young Republicans


Zell, SD

Ziebach County

Ziebach County History News Clippings

Ziebach County Historical Society

Zieman, Flora



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