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SHPO Consultants & Contractors Lists

The South Dakota State Historical Society, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), maintains lists of consultants, contractors, and suppliers. These lists are made available to the public with the understanding that our office does not recommend, endorse, or assume responsibility for the quality of the work nor guarantee that any work product produced by those on the lists will necessarily meet federal or state requirements. The professionals on these lists possess varied levels of education and experience, and their listing does not imply that every individual is qualified to conduct all classes or levels of investigation, research, testing, or reporting.

These lists are not comprehensive. Other individuals or firms who have not requested to be on our list may meet the Standards and be equally qualified.

To be placed on a list

Individuals and firms wishing to be listed for history, archaeology, architectural history, architecture, and historic architecture must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards, which define minimum education and experience required to perform identification, evaluation, registration, and treatment activities.

Persons wanting to be included on one or more of these lists must send the SD SHPO a completed Consultants Information Form along with a current curriculum vitae for all principals in their firm. If applicable, company and/or product brochures should also be submitted.

All persons and companies on these lists are required to update their Consultants Information Form and vitae every five years.

Consultant Information Form

To be removed from a list

Consultants will be removed at their request or if SHPO is unable to reach them at the address we have on file. If you would like to be removed, please contact Cindy Snow by e-mail or phone at (605) 773-2907.

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