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SHPO Documents



          Comprehensive Statewide 5-Year Plan

          Funding Guide 

          Guidelines for Identifying and Evaluating Buried Archaeological Sites

          Places Worth Exploring! A Curriculum Guide


Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation in South Dakota:




Historic Contexts:

Architectural History in South Dakota

Churches in South Dakota

Common Farm Barns of South Dakota, 1857-1958

Federal Relief Construction in South Dakota, 1929-1941

German-Russian Folk Architecture in Southeastern South Dakota

Historic Bridges of South Dakota

Historic Mining Resources in the Black Hills and South Dakota DRAFT

Homesteading and Agricultural Development

Indian Housing in South Dakota

Post-World War II Architecture in South Dakota

Schools in South Dakota

South Dakota Modern Residential Architecture

South Dakota's Railroads

          South Dakota State Plan for Archaeological Resources, 2018 Update

Steel Water Towers Associated with South Dakota Water Systems, 1894-1967

The History of Agriculture in South Dakota: Components for a Fully Developed Historic Context

           Historic Property Owner's Guide

           Historical Markers List


Inventory - Nomination Forms:

Architecture of Finnish Settlement in South Dakota

Czech Folk Architecture of Southeastern South Dakota

Forest Avenue Historic District, Vermillion

German-Russian Folk Architecture in South Dakota

Historic Resources of Harding and Perkins Counties, South Dakota

Historic Hutterite Colonies Thematic Resources

Historic Resources of Rural Butte and Meade Counties in South Dakota

Historic Resources of the Northern and Central Townships of Yankton County, South Dakota

Yankton Commercial Historic District

          Local Preservation Handbook


Multiple Property Documentation Forms:

Concrete Interstate Tipis of South Dakota

19th Century South Dakota Trading Posts

Bison Kill Sites in South Dakota, 9000 B.C. - A.D. 1875

County Courthouses of South Dakota

Federal Relief Construction in South Dakota, 1929-1941 

Harold Spitznagel Firm 1929-1972

Historic Bridges in South Dakota, 1893-1942

Historic Resources of the North End Neighborhood of Watertown, South Dakota

Historic Stone Arch Culverts in Turner County, South Dakota

Lustron Houses in South Dakota

Ranches of Southwestern Custer County, South Dakota

Rural Architectural and Historical Resources of Brown County, South Dakota

Rural Resources of Eastern Custer County, South Dakota

Schools in South Dakota

South Dakota's Round and Polygonal Barns and Pavilions

           Prairie Crossings: South Dakota's Historic Roadway Bridges, a South Dakota Department of Transportation publication




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