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Preservation Consultants & Contractors

Contractors & Consultants Lists Prepared by SHPO - Lists are maintained of consultants, contractors, and suppliers who work in or contribute to the historic preservation and/or archaeology-related fields. These lists are provided with the understanding that the South Dakota State Historical Society, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), does not recommend, endorse, or assume responsibility for the quality of the work nor guarantee that any work product produced by those on this list will necessarily meet federal or state requirements. The professionals on this list possess varied levels of education and experience, and their listing does not imply that every individual is qualified to conduct all classes or levels of investigation, research, testing, or reporting. These lists are not comprehensive. Other individuals and/or firms who have not requested to be on our list may meet the Standards and/or be equally qualified.

ACRA (American Cultural Resources Association) is a non-profit trade association that supports the business needs of the diverse cultural resource management industry. Members represent all aspects of the cultural resource industry including historic preservation, history, archaeology, architectural history, historical architecture, landscape architecture and specialty subfields such as geoarchaeology, soil science, and ethnobotany. More than 140 ACRA member firms across the U.S. can be searched by location, type of service or name. is an online resource for historic preservation, building restoration, and cultural resource management in the United States & Canada. Their goal is to foster the preservation of historic buildings, historic downtowns and neighborhoods, cultural resources, and to promote heritage tourism by facilitating communication among historic preservation professionals and the general public.

PreserveNet is designed to provide preservationists with a comprehensive database of regularly updated internet resources from various preservation organizations and maintains a current listing of professional and educational opportunities.

Professional Alliance Directory is provided by Partners for Sacred Spaces, this directory helps congregations find reliable professionals - from architects to stained glass artists - who specialize in historic religious properties

National Alliance of Preservation Commisions is an organization that helps to connect the public with historic preservation consulting firms and professionals. Their website provides an excellent list of qualified preservation consultants in fields including architecture, commercial/ residential and legal services. Their core values are education, advocacy and training. 


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