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Employment at the Archaeological Research Center

Seasonal Employment

The Archaeological Research Center often has openings for seasonal or temporary help, depending on the number of ongoing projects.

For more information, send an email to or phone 1-605-394-1936.

Career Service Openings
The Archaeological Research Center is looking for a full-time Archaeologist to assist the Curator/Repository Manager in Rapid City, SD.

The position requires background in archaeology methods and theory as well as in archival practices and curation, digital photography, and GIS. The candidate would assist with cataloging and properly packaging artifact collections, photographic media, oversized maps and aerial photographs. The ideal candidate would have experience maintaining artifact loan files, coordinating loans and loan returns with researchers, and conducting loan inventories. The candidate would also conduct data entry and maintain databases for these cataloged materials as well as accession records. Another aspect of the job is organizing, conducting data entry, and filing the archival documentation related to the artifact collections and cultural site files. Other responsibilities would include assisting with the preparation of archaeology displays and training materials as well as participating in public demonstrations or training sessions. The candidate would also have experience photographing artifacts with a digital camera mounted on a copy stand to document the items and provide high quality photographs for technical reports and professional publications. The candidate would also have experience creating shape files in GIS and creating technical maps for reports. The candidate would also have the physical capacity to move heavy boxes for several hours a day. As needed, the candidate would assist with field projects.

Position closing date is September 10, 2020.

More details can be found at the BHR website.


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