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Museum Traveling Exhibits

The South Dakota State Historical Society offers traveling exhibitions to communities throughout South Dakota.
Rental Information


Rental Information
Traveling exhibits are available for up to eight weeks. The cost is $150.00, this cost covers all shipping and handling costs. Shipping is arranged for and paid by the South Dakota State Historical Society.

Venues can also choose to pick up and drop off traveling exhibits. Venues that choose to transport the exhibit themselves will be charged a $25.00 user fee.

To reserve an exhibit complete the form here and email it to Dan Moeckly.

For more information or to book an exhibit please call 605-773-4373. Click to download our traveling exhibit brochure 


Kiosk Traveling Exhibits Include

Click the exhibit titles for a full tour of each traveling exhibit

Drawn to the Land: Homesteading Dakota
From 1860 to 1920, thousands of homesteaders poured into the Dakota Territory from across the country and overseas. Many stayed, making a home for themselves and their descendants. Others came for only a short while before selling out and moving on.

Marketing Dakota
For Dakota, political, social and economic growth depended on bringing in people. Communities, railroads and the government all advertised aggressively and reality seldom got in the way of a good promotional line.

Fall In! Soldiering in Dakota
As settlers moved in to Dakota, the military protected them, surveyed and mapped the terrain, and built roads. Too much territory and too few men made soldiering in Dakota a tough go.

Lewis and Clark in South Dakota
The exhibition discusses the animals, plants, and people that the Corps of Discovery encountered in what would one day be South Dakota.

Life Underground: Hard Rock Mining in the Black Hills
The exhibition details the importance of hard rock mining to the Black Hills and South Dakota, while examining the industry's environmental legacy.

Properties of History: Exploring South Dakota's Historic Places
Explore a small portion of the many historic properties in the state while learning about the importance of preserving our history by holding onto these places.

South Dakota Communicates
Explore telephone history in the state. Both small independent companies and "Ma Bell" played an important role in keeping the phones ringing.

Living Traditions: Dakota, Nakota, Lakota Art
The Sioux Nation is made up of seven groups collectively called Oceti Sakowin, or "Seven Council Fires." Explore the art of the Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota and features examples from the museum collection.

At Home & Abroad: South Dakota in World War II
The exhibition documents the state's experiences overseas and on the home front during WWII with photographs and artifacts from the State Archives and the museum collection.

A Capital Fight: Choosing South Dakota's Capital City
Becoming South Dakota's capital city brought money, people and prestige to the winning town. Pierre won all three capital elections.


Framed Traveling Exhibits


The South Dakota State Historical Society also offers framed traveling exhibitions.

The Way They Saw Us
Uses illustrated newspapers from the Museum Collection to present how the Dakotas and the events in the west were depicted to the American public. This is the way the American ideal of the Wild West began - on the pages of sales oriented newspapers and in the minds of readers who never set foot west of the Mississippi River.
The exhibit consists of 25 framed prints with labels included within the frames.
Space Requirement: 60 running feet
Rental: $120.00 plus the cost of return shipping

The Myra Miller Photo Collection
Consists of selected photographs from a collection from the South Dakota State Historical Society photo archives. The photographs were taken by Myra Miller, a farm wife in northeastern South Dakota, took these candid shots of children between 1910 and 1930. The exhibit consists of 32 framed prints and two interpretive labels.
Space Requirement: 75 running feet
Rental: $135.00 plus the cost of return shipping

For more information or to book an exhibit contact:
Dan Moeckley or call 605-773-4343.


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